Wednesday, November 2, 2016

An Introduction To Madness 101

Welcome to the invalid case study of myself. With the first year of college well under way my psyche is already beginning to crumble under the pressures of finding "oneself" while continuing the ever present struggle of maintaining decent grades that inherently comes with being in the education system. The whole purpose of this blog is to be an outlet to clearly express my current thoughts, almost like a record of the different versions of myself, that way as my identity changes, the current version of myself that exist in every moment doesn't die at the end of that moment. Though, I don't want to further the demonization of Death, I just want to track the progress and evolution that my character undergoes. So, even though I can not say I understand why someone other than the variations of myself might want to read this, I will not try to deter anyone from doing so, it is online after all. With that, get comfortable and enjoy the beautiful contradictions that I consist of.

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